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Wauchula Central Park

Wauchula Central Park Oil on Canvas SOLD

Park Avenue Shopping

Park Avenue Shopping 12 x 16 PRICE $495

Rollins College Chapel

Rollins College Chapel Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 SOLD

Lyman St. Park Ave.

Lyman St. Park Ave. Oil on Canvas 16 x 30 PRICE $1200

Main Street of Yesterday

Main Street of Yesterday AVAILABLE

Orange Avenue

Orange Avenue Oil on Canvas 26 x 34 SOLD

Park Ave. near the Rose Garden

Park Ave. near the Rose Garden 12 x 20 PRICE $495

Lake Minneola Inn

Lake Minneola Inn W? on Canvas 8 x 10 PRICE $400

College Park

College Park Acrylic 20 x 30 PRICE $1200

Corner of Morse & Park

Corner of Morse & Park 12 x 20 PRICE $1,295

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