A Brief Fantasy History of a Himalayan: Autobiographical by Thinley Norbu

By Thinley Norbu

Personal recollections of an esteemed Tibetan Buddhist grasp, starting from touching memoir to funny storytelling, from sharp cultural observation to deeply felt verse--illustrated with infrequent pictures in complete color.

     Illustrated with colour pictures released for the 1st time, this college of memories gives a unprecedented glimpse into the lifetime of an esteemed Tibetan Buddhist instructor. the writer units a paranormal temper as he describes his early years in "Snowland" (Tibet) as one in all seven young children of a popular Nyingma grasp. Thinley Norbu Rinpoche's storytelling alternates earthy humor with poetic sensitivity and delicate sensuality. Describing his travels in Asia, Europe, and the United States, he offers thumbnail sketches of individuals and areas, in addition to sharp-sighted remark on Western cultural tendencies and Dharma scholars' confident and unfavorable characteristics. greater than simply an autobiography, this written delivering is an expression of Rinpoche's knowledge, compassion, and private awareness.

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Some friends had invited me to Emerald Buddha Land, and I spent a few weeks there discussing practice in a simple way. They took me by boat to some sacred places with many lakes full of pink lotuses and white ducks. We went to see the famous Emerald Buddha, offered flowers, prostrated, prayed, and meditated together. Many Buddhists were praying and meditating, while many unreligious tourists sat on the floor with curiosity. 54 In Thailand (Emerald Buddha Land), with offerings of flowers, 1986. One time, a blue-eyed, blond-eyebrowed friend took us to a bar where two young women brought us grain spirits to drink.

When he was young, he spent years in Snowland and Buddha’s Toe-Petal Blossom Land, serving many teachers, including his root guru and root guru’s sons. He had faith in the Great Gesture and the Great Perfection points of view, and he taught predominantly the Six Dharmas of Naropa. He built temples everywhere for the accumulation of merit for all sentient beings, and he had many students. More than one hundred of them were waiting for us in his house. I entered his shrine room and saw a towering yogi with a long white beard—so magnificent.

In Dragonland’s ancient auspicious tradition, they were burning sweet-smelling ferns and juniper leaves and lined the road in 36 groups with baskets of red and white rice and fried maize piled high. They made a path of cut trees with prayer flags leading to an opening where they had spread carpets for us to rest. They arranged butter tea and silver-belted bamboo pots filled with wine and whiskey. The leader of one group was called Smooth Melodious Lamp of Dharma. Later, she became my life’s companion.

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A Brief Fantasy History of a Himalayan: Autobiographical by Thinley Norbu
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