A Storm of Swords - A Song of Ice and Fire 03 by George R R Martin

By George R R Martin

Disguise has a little bit worn edges and curling corners.

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You’d think my word as a Lannister was not good enough,” he’d japed as they bound him. He’d been very drunk by then, thanks to Catelyn Stark. Of their escape from Riverrun, he recalled only bits and pieces. There had been some trouble with the gaoler, but the big wench had overcome him. After that they had climbed an endless stair, around and around. His legs were weak as grass, and he’d stumbled twice or thrice, until the wench lent him an arm to lean on. At some point he was bundled into a traveler’s cloak and shoved into the bottom of a skiff.

Gods, my arms are sore. ” He sniffed at it. ” Jaime would welcome a good rain. The dungeons of Riverrun were not the cleanest place in the Seven Kingdoms. By now he must smell like an overripe cheese. Cleos squinted downriver. ” A thin grey finger crooked them on. It was rising from the south bank several miles on, twisting and curling. Below, Jaime made out the smouldering remains of a large building, and a live oak full of dead women. The crows had scarcely started on their corpses. The thin ropes cut deeply into the soft flesh of their throats, and when the wind blew they twisted and swayed.

No frogs near that river, no owls in the dark. ” “Them teeth of yours sound pretty dead,” said Hake. Dywen clacked his wooden teeth. “No wolves neither. There was, before, but no more. ” “Someplace warm,” said Chett. Of the dozen odd brothers who sat by the fire, four were his. He gave each one a hard squinty look as he ate, to see if any showed signs of breaking. Dirk seemed calm enough, sitting silent and sharpening his blade, the way he did every night. And Sweet Donnel Hill was all easy japes.

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A Storm of Swords - A Song of Ice and Fire 03 by George R R Martin
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