ABC of obesity by Naveed Sattar; Mike Lean

By Naveed Sattar; Mike Lean

Weight problems is a highly pricey and extending challenge world wide, resulting in incapacity, reproductive difficulties, melancholy and speeded up metabolic and vascular ailments in a wide percentage of guys, ladies and youngsters. The ABC of Obesity is a brand new advisor with a purpose to reduction its powerful administration, addressing matters corresponding to weight loss diet, workout, self-worth, drug therapy and surgical procedure. contemporary proof is used to spotlight widespread difficulties, winning treatments, and the commonest causes.

Written by way of major specialists, this can be a generally available textual content and an quintessential consultant for all normal practitioners, junior medical professionals, nurses, and different healthcare pros who're fascinated with the remedy and learn of this universal

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The definitions use arbitrary thresholds for risk factors that are mostly linearly associated with cardiovascular disease. Despite the widespread practice of using thresholds of continuous risk factors to make “diagnoses” so that treatment can be started (for example, diagnosing hypertension on the basis of a blood pressure > 140/90 mm Hg), it is now technically possible to be more accurate in predicting disease risk. Summary definitions of metabolic syndrome World Health Organization* x Insulin resistance plus at least two of the following: raised blood pressure, dyslipidaemia, obesity, microalbuminuria American Treatment Panel III† At least three of the following: x High fasting glucose x Raised blood pressure x Raised plasma triglycerides x Low HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol x Obesity (large waist circumference) International Diabetes Federation‡ x Obesity (large waist) plus at least two of the following: raised triglycerides, reduced HDL cholesterol, raised blood pressure, raised fasting plasma glucose *Alberti K, Zimmet P.

Studies in China, the US, and Finland have shown that diabetes can be prevented or delayed in people at high risk of diabetes through a combination of change in diet and lifestyle and modest weight loss. In the Swedish obesity study 69% of people with diabetes at baseline who lost weight after gastric bypass surgery did not have diabetes two years after follow-up. The challenges of maintaining weight loss and improvements in health among people with type 2 diabetes are summarised in Cochrane reviews of non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions (see earlier article in this series).

As dementia was obtained from medical records, “confounding by indication” may in part explain the association: individuals who are obese are more likely to visit their doctors and more likely to be assessed for the presence of a range of conditions. Thus, it would be useful to see this association repeated in a prospective study that assessed dementia by means of a clinical interview with all cohort members. The authors suggested that obesity might increase the risk of dementia through its effect on diabetes and heart disease and may also have a direct effect on neuronal degradation.

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ABC of obesity by Naveed Sattar; Mike Lean
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