An introduction to C-star algebras by de la Harpe P., Jones V.

By de la Harpe P., Jones V.

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Ahead of its founding in 1963, the study Institute for Mathematical Sciences used to be the focal point of divers discussions bearing on objectives. one of many extra modest ambitions was once to establish an establishment that will create a ''Courant-Hilbert'' for a brand new age. 1 certainly, our purpose here—even although this publication is small in scale and basically the outlet bankruptcy of our Utopian ''Treatise of Analysis''—is to jot down simply this sort of ''Courant-Hilbert'' for the hot new release.

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A character on A is a linear map : A ! distinct from zero such that (ab) = (a) (b) for all a b 2 A: The set of all characters on A is denoted by X (A): If A has a unit, observe that (1) = 1 for any 2 X (A): If A has no unit, any character on A extends uniquely ~ Moreover X (A~) is to a character ~ on A~ de ned by ~( a) = + (a) for all ( a) 2 A: ~ naturally identi ed to the union of X (A) and of the character ( a) 7! of A: If A is a commutative Banach algebra with unit, any character on A satis es (*) sup j (a)j 1 a2A kak 1 for all a 2 A and in particular any character on A is continuous.

The subspace F (H) is obviously a two-sided ideal. It is self-adjoint by the previous lemma. 4. Recall of vocabulary. Let X be a topological space. A subset Y of X is relatively compact if its closure Y is compact. Assume moreover that X is a metric space with distance d: A subset Y of X is precompact if, for every real number > 0 there exists a nite subset S of Y such that Y x S B (x ) where B (x ) denotes the open ball of center x and of radius : Inside a complete metric space, a subset is relatively compact if and only if it is precompact.

19. Proposition. (i) Let a 2 B(H H ) let ( j )j J be an orthonormal basis of H and 0 let ( k )k K be an orthonormal basis of H : Let (ak j )k K j J be the resulting J -times-K matrix, where ak j = h k j a j i: The three following conditions are equivalent 2 0 2 2 2 a is a Hilbert-Schmidt operator, X 2 ka j k < 1 Xj J 2 k2K j 2J If they hold, then ja j < 1: kj 2 kak = X ka k 2 j 2 = j 2J X k2K j 2J ja j kj 2 and the adjoint a of a is also a Hilbert-Schmidt operator such that ka k = kak kak : 2 2 Proof.

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An introduction to C-star algebras by de la Harpe P., Jones V.
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