Angel's Verdict (A Beaufort & Company Mystery) by Mary Stanton

By Mary Stanton

Celestial recommend Brianna Winston-Beaufort is keen to put aside dealing with appeals for condemned souls and come back to training legislations within the land of the residing. 3 months after taking on the relations perform Bree jumps on the chance to paintings for a secular customer. but if aged actress Justine Coville walks into Beaufort & Company's place of work to make adjustments to her will, she drags Bree correct again right into a complete other-world of issues.

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I told them they’d miss her if they didn’t get a move on, and damned if they didn’t. Miss her, I mean. That’s our county Mounties for you . . ” He dropped the blinds against the window pane with a clatter. “I suppose they can always arrest her on the set. More fuss that way, and there’s always the possibility that Phil will have a real excuse to kick her off the movie. ” Bree’s temper stirred, which was not a good thing. She dropped the briefcase to the floor in case the temptation to clock Payton over the head proved irresistible.

Bree’s adoptive father Francesca Winston-Beaufort . . Bree’s adoptive mother Cecilia “Cissy’” Carmichael . . Francesca’s sister, Bree and Antonia’s aunt Franklin Winston-Beaufort . . deceased, Royal’s uncle The Company of Angels (Angelus Street Office) Lavinia Mather . . Bree’s landlady Ronald Parchese . Bree’s secretary Petru Lucheta . . Bree’s paralegal Armand Cianquino . . director, retired law professor Gabriel . . the enforcer Sasha . . a guard dog Some Citizens of Savannah (1952) Haydee Quinn .

A rather garish tie, if truth were told. Bree sprang forward and grabbed Payton by the tie with her right hand. The wind roared about her head and shoulders. She jerked him off the floor, spun him around, backed up, and opened the office door with her left hand. She slung Payton into the hall like a Frisbee. He landed hard on his right knee, hands sprawled in front of him. Which spared him a broken nose at least, she supposed. Not that she gave a hoot in hell. She slammed the door shut, cutting off his yelps of pain.

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Angel's Verdict (A Beaufort & Company Mystery) by Mary Stanton
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