Atisha by L.T. Kalsang

By L.T. Kalsang

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Foundation of Buddhist Meditation

Kalu Rinpoche (1905-1989) of the Shangpa Kagyu culture, was once one of many top Kagyu meditation masters of this century. within the beginning of Buddhist Meditation Rinpoche provides a concise rationalization of the Buddhist direction resulting in the splendid target of enlightenment for the welfare of all dwelling beings.

A Tibetan Religious Georgraphy of Nepal

The Nepalese element of the author's international geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod. Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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Yet still I ·have not been 'liberated fioni my kingdom. Now I have beeri sent by· them to you, 0 gutu. 22 Bless me with the power of bodhicitta And deliver me. e ~anqala and, bestowing the power of Shri Hevajra, secretly named pjm · Janna-guhey-vajra. Day and mght, the guru ~hpwered up9n him the' rain ·of admonition and followed this· by an empowermerit ( abhisheka) that lasted a full thirteen days, during which time none of his attendants slept, but strolled about, playing, singing, dancing and enjoying many kinds ·of music, These attendants thought only of when the Prince would enierge.

When the Prince had concluded this song of Vajra, the four great court ministers, Mahamantri Shura-vajra, Mahamantri Shatru Prabhanca, Mahamantri Jayatiraj and Mahamantri Abhaya, sang sadly: "How powerful is karma in this world! In that excellent land, Bengal, of which all people speak with delight, How grea~ is the prosperity of its capital! Pleasant to see is the Golden Banner. Magnificent are King Kalyana and Shri Prabhavati, the mother of its people. Yet renouncing his councillors, ministers and subjects like phantoms, The noble Prince prefers to dwell in the forest.

However, at that time, thanks to the services rendered by the religious King of Mnahri, monasteries for bhikshus were built. Nevertheless there was conflict, because those who preferred the Vinaya school opposed the followers of the Tantric school and vice versa. Thus whereas almost all subscribed to this or that doctrine in name, it was rare to :find anyone who understood even one set of teachings, let alone the entire practices and doctrines of the Mahayana. It was a time when numbers of Indians came to obtain gold from Tibet, and these people, pretending to great knowledge of tantra, behaved truculently, employed black arts, and cheated many Tibetans.

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Atisha by L.T. Kalsang
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