Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies by Dan DeFigio

By Dan DeFigio

Are you a sugar addict? Beating Sugar dependancy For Dummies provides you a secure and fit route to conquer your dependancy, get rid of pressure consuming, and improve your foodstuff for a more healthy lifestyle.

Sugar habit is a swiftly transforming into epidemic that could bring about weight problems, persistent fatigue, diabetes, and a number of different scientific and mental problems. Beating Sugar habit For Dummies is helping those who find themselves stricken by this often ignored habit to outsmart their sugar cravings and conquer their habit. the guidelines during this e-book may also help you:

  • Learn to forestall tension consuming and practice a food makeover that makes the low-sugar way of life easy!
  • Stop the disappointment of yo-yo weight loss plan, and eventually locate an weight loss program that works.
  • Free your self from the grip of sugar habit and regain keep an eye on over your life.

Beating Sugar dependancy For Dummies includes every thing you want to begin your trip down the line to wellness:

  • Four universal kinds of sugar addicts – which one are you?
  • Finally comprehend carbs, protein, and fats with an easy food procedure for weight reduction and fit consuming, together with what to decide on and what to stick away from
  • Detoxing from sugar and acting a kitchen makeover
  • Eating mindfully – making useful judgements rather than rigidity eating
  • How to outlive vacation trips, eating places, and designated occasions
  • Building a help system
  • Exercise courses for strength and weight loss
  • Speedy low-sugar recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts
  • Staying heading in the right direction and breaking the cycle of failure – together with a step by step checklist of precisely what to do whilst a sugar yearning strikes!

If you are one of many thousands of individuals all over the world who is predicated an excessive amount of on sugar for power, convenience, or comfort, Beating Sugar habit For Dummies is your no-nonsense advisor to lowering your sugar consumption, losing a few pounds, and altering your existence for the better!

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Sugar alcohols are technically neither sugars nor alcohols; they’re carbohydrates with a chemical structure that partially resembles sugar and partially resembles alcohol (but they don’t contain ethanol, like alcoholic beverages do). Polyols, as sugar alcohols are also known, aren’t completely absorbed and metabolized by the body and consequently contribute about 25 percent fewer calories than most sugars — but you should still consider them sugar. Many sugar alcohols have unpleasant side effects, including bloating, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Overconsumption of fructose is also a major factor in weight gain. The process of digestion breaks down most carbohydrates into glucose, which is the most basic fuel on the planet. All your cells use it, so your body processes it efficiently because it goes literally everywhere in the body. Fructose, however, is a very different simple sugar that isn’t used in cells. All fructose goes to the liver, where most of it is immediately converted into triglycerides (fat). When you consistently eat a lot of fructose, you not only overload your liver (causing fatty liver disease) but also basically create body fat on the spot.

Though gluten doesn’t have anything to do with sugar addiction, some people have an easier time cutting back on their total carb intake if they stop eating wheat. So I dedicate a section of this chapter to guiding you through the basic principles of going gluten-free. Finally, I include important information here for you and your loved ones — the shocking truth about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. 32 Part I: Are You a Sugar Addict or a Sweet Freak? Sugar: The New Poison The epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the Western world has three main causes: the sugar content in food, inactivity, and increased overall calorie consumption.

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