Book of Jim: Agnostic Parables and Dick Jokes from Lucifer's by Adam Spielman

By Adam Spielman

Those are the stories of Jim, a regular lifeless man on a visit in the course of the devil's paradise. His unexamined lifestyles runs up opposed to the existential weirdness of an everlasting free-for-all, and a newfound hard-on for the reality issues him towards adventure.

A secular rainy dream, a Christian's cautionary story, a Jewish psychedelic nightmare - the publication of Jim is a foul solution to questions that have been by no means requested.

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Jim took the bat. 6 Hunter leapt from the balcony to the chandelier. He wielded a sabre and he shook it at the phantoms in the ballroom. ” And he cut the rope and the chandelier crashed to the ballroom floor. Then Hemingway charged in with a musket that was fitted with a bayonet. He was the first to strike, for he removed a pretty blonde head from a thick and veiny neck. Jack and Bunny were close behind. Jack cleaved with a machete, and Bunny swung a nine-iron. Then Jim charged in with the Louisville Slugger.

And what about going right or left, to the place where the wall ended? Was there more than one other side? Unless the wall was really a big hollow sphere and paradise was inside of it. But then, the other side would really be the outside. And what was outside of that? And the brick wall receded by the measure of the width of Jim’s head cubed. Einstein shook him by the shoulders. “Listen to me very carefully,” he said. “All that we can do is observe that there is a wall. Once the observation is made, it is our task to break through the wall.

Yeah. Kinda freaky. ” “It’s the way you’re looking around for your head. It’s like, you’re really confused, a little bit concerned, but you’re alright about it at the same time. It’s hard to explain. ” She ran her fingers through the beard of Billy Mays. ” “It’s a pretty awesome beard,” Jim said. He stroked the beard with the arm with the gnarly tattoo. “But is it my beard? I mean, am I me and I’m thinking with somebody else’s brain, or are these somebody else’s thoughts and I’m just sending them through?

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Book of Jim: Agnostic Parables and Dick Jokes from Lucifer's by Adam Spielman
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