Cap'n Fatso by Daniel V. Gallery

By Daniel V. Gallery

"Walter Mitty in a sailor suit." - Admiral Arleigh Burke

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Cap'n Fatso

"Walter Mitty in a sailor go well with. " - Admiral Arleigh Burke

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Scubas, underwater demolition charges, underwater telephones. " "An atomic hand grenade," said several, incredulously. "Yeah. They've got it down to about the size of a softball. It blows a hole in the ground about a hunnert yards In diameter. But they're having a hell of a time testing it because you can only throw it about forty feet. . But speaking of new stuff, what's all that stack of curved pipes we took aboard? " "That's what they call a geodetic frame," said Scuttlebutt. "When you fit all those pipes together, they make a frame, that's like a slice off the top of a great big ball.

That evening after chow all hands were listening to the radio news. "Jerusalem: The Israeli high command has just announced that all the Egyptian air force was destroyed on the ground this morning. The Arab armies are in disorderly flight on all fronts. " said Webfoot in an awed voice. " demanded Ginsberg. " The radio continued: "Cairo: Nasser announced that a treacherous sneak attack by the Israeli air force had been smashed, all the Israeli planes shot down, and many pilots captured. " said Webfoot.

Well—he won't bother me none," said Fatso. " Chapter Six USS Turtle NEXT MORNING LCU 1124 got underway and stood out to sea. Fatso and Scuttlebutt were leaning on the rail of the bridge as the land dropped out of sight astern. " asked Scuttlebutt. S. Navy, a more formal mode of address seemed called for. " "Haven't decided yet," said Fatso. "There's lots of good liberty ports we might visit around here—Istanbul— Smyrna—Beirut—Tel Aviv—Haifa. " came a hail from the pilothouse—followed by the regular ritual of queries and responses.

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Cap'n Fatso by Daniel V. Gallery
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