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The device that converts digital signals to analogue for transmission across a dialup telephone connection, and then converts them back again, is a modem. Modem stands for modulator demodulator. A modem changes the digital signal to an analogue frequency, and sends this tone across the analogue link. At the other end, another modem receives the signal and converts it back to digital. 6 Smart Modems This is a standard modem with a micro-processor to provide both data communications and automatic dialing in the one unit.

This is because only one person can talk at a time. 4 Full Duplex Data can travel in both directions simultaneously. There is no need to switch from transmit to receive mode like in half duplex. Its like a two lane bridge on a two-lane highway. Have you ever watched these television talk shows where the host has a number of people on the show, and they all try to talk at once. Well, that's full duplex! Of course, in the world of data communications, full duplex allows both way communication simultaneously.

Value 3 25 14 9 1 13 26 20 6 11 15 18 28 12 24 22 LTRS shift A B D E F G H I J K L M N O P FIGS shift ? : Who are u 3 ! & # 8 Bell ( ) . , 9 0 Value 23 10 5 16 7 30 19 29 21 17 0 31 27 4 8 2 Copyright ©Genetic Computer School, 1998 LTRS shift 4 R S T U V W X Y Z BLANK LTRS FIGS SPACE CR LF FIGS shift 1 4 . " using the Baudot code. To switch between the LTRs and FIGS requires the use of a LetterShift or a FigureShift. Once switched, you stay in that mode till you want to switch back again. So, here is the phrase encoded in Baudot.

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