DIY guide to appliances: installing & maintaining your major by Steve Willson

By Steve Willson

Say so long to equipment installers and repairmen!

When contemporary shoppers purchase new stoves, fridges and different significant home equipment, the standard selection isn't really an deploy contractor, yet a house development or electronics warehouse shop, which easily gives you the unit to front door. Arranging for install is now the homeowner's responsibility.

Installing the applying themselves is the alternative of accelerating numbers of householders buying home equipment during this approach. For a few home equipment, DIY install can reduce the price of an equipment by means of greater than 50%. And equivalent cost-savings is accomplished by way of the home-owner who's capable of practice simple upkeep and service projects themselves.

DIY consultant to Appliances is a accomplished consultant to fitting and appearing uncomplicated upkeep on all significant family home equipment, together with washers and dryers, fridges, rubbish disposers, dishwashers, water warmers, ovens, levels and extra.

  • Perfect spouse e-book for householders procuring home equipment from warehouse stores
  • Includes whole set up directions
  • Repair and upkeep directions can store householders millions of dollars

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Indd Sec2:59 Provision (CPI) •DIY Guide To Appliances CD907-90_3153 TEXT BLACK 59 9/21/07 5:31:39 PM HOW TO INSTALL A HOT WATER DISPENSER 1 Drill an access hole for new power cable (in flexible conduit) in the bottom of the sink compartment cabinet. Use a drill and a 3⁄4"-dia. bit. Go into the basement and drill a hole up through the flooring that will align with the fi rst hole. ) 2 Fish a 14/2 cable from the electric service panel up through the hole in the floor. Strip the sheathing from the cable with a utility knife.

If you have a pretty good assortment of tools and a wellstocked hardware store close by, you should be able to wrap it up in less than a day. Fortunately, there’s quite a bit of standardization in the dishwasher world. There are certainly performance differences between models, especially across the full width of the price range. But the way the machines are installed and the cabinet sizes are pretty universal. Just be sure to carefully review the installation directions that came with the appliance before you start any work.

13 Remove the access panels on the side of the water heater, and use a screwdriver to set the thermostat to the desired water temperature (120° to 130° F). 14 Press the reset button on the thermostat. Replace the insulation and access panels. Turn on the power and test. indd Sec2:49 Provision (CPI) •DIY Guide To Appliances CD907-90_4264 TEXT BLACK 49 9/19/07 9:30:58 PM Water Softener IF YOUR HOUSE HAS HARD WATER COURSING THROUGH ITS PIPES, THEN YOU’VE GOT A COUPLE OF problems. Not only does your water do a poor job of dissolving soap, but you also have plenty of scale deposits on dishes, plumbing fi xtures, and the inside of your water heater.

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