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Prostaglandin E at 10•7M can suppress in vitro the cytotoxic potential of NK cells. Thus various mediators and synthetic molecules can regulate negatively or positively the cytoto~ xicity of NK cells. HOpital Paul-Brousse : Institut de Cancerologie et d'Immunogenetique (INSERM U-50), 94800· Villejuif, France. 22 85 87 PREVENTION OF DRUG-INDUCED ALOPECIA IN CANCER PATIENTS. M. Grandjean, D. Belpomme, E. Pujade-Lauraine, M. Marty, M. Eng. J. NT OF TESTJCULAH NEOPLASMS P. Fargeot, C. ae Gislain. L.

Cancer 45: 786 1980. In 31 patients treated for ovarian cancer and followed for >2 years a battery of biochemical markers were evaluated. They included: Phosphohexose isomerase (PHI), C-reactive protein (CRP), aJ Acid Glycoprote1n, Album1n (ALB), Pre-albumln (PAB), Transferrin (TSF), ft2-Microglubulin (32-m), Sex hormone binding globulin, Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and Placental-like Alkaline Phosphatase (PAP). In 10 patients who had no evidence of disease during follow-up, the markers stayed almost without exception within normal limits with only minor fluctuations.

Gastrointestinal toxicity was mild in 40% and severe in 25% of the patients. Reduction dose of HMM was necessary in 50%. Mild neutropenia was observed in 25%. Neurotoxicity was present in 20% with numbness in 10%. The response rate of 50% obtained with HMM-Adriamycin is comparable to och~chemotherapy combinations used in breast cancer. The Lack of hematotoxicity allows ambuLatory treatment. However, because of gastrointestinal toxicity this association can not be recommended for routine treatment.

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European Society for Medical Oncology: Abstracts of the 6th by (auth.)
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