Foundations of Dharmakirti's Philosophy by John D. Dunne

By John D. Dunne

Dharmakirti is a important determine within the background of Buddhist philosophy. John Dunne's outstanding paintings of scholarship illuminates the physique of Dharmakirti's paintings, paintings that has profoundly motivated Mahayana Buddhism and South Asian philosophy as a complete.

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To • pnl C'%ttD1. tbt c:rucial rolf of~ in tbt analnmenc oflibaetion raG on ia \lie u. I]tI. ) wid. indubitabk knowkdsc. TI 'S PHILOSO PHY The former is simply an infCmcial cognition: one looks at a smoky room, for C'Umple, and (with other conditions in plaao). one infm that fire is present. Iy a series of stalCfTlcrUS and not an inferma:) is meant to result in another penon having his own infcrenct-for-oncsdf with regard 10 the question at hanci. In this sense, infettna-for-oncsdflies al the core of these: thinkers' inferential throry.

1I;'l'i" ;u.. i" .... DtwmaItirti (fOr ~, P\'SV .... PVI... 6) ........................... ie-. S« ...... J b'U," ) ..... _ u,) bngo:r ('996:164-)66)· PRAMA~A THEORY, DHAIlMAKIRTI 'S CONCEPTUAL CONTEXT 17 orists do not simply note what had been thought in the past: rather, they anmlpt ( 0 justify a particular imerprttarion by rC$ponding to the criticisms of others, whether within or outside their own traditions. tion of philosophers thus represents a n~ layer of interpretation formed by new criticisms and rebuttals.

Illfi IIIWntkntandin&- thU W2'J of ~ "ptopo'ilion' QfI be helpfUl when Wicd to the "tUiju/~ of an infncna, for it 'lig .. wmM ~ pualld in imprwtanl "'"")'110' p

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Foundations of Dharmakirti's Philosophy by John D. Dunne
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