Functional metallosupramolecular materials by John George Hardy, Felix H Schacher, Hans-Jorg Schneider,

By John George Hardy, Felix H Schacher, Hans-Jorg Schneider, Mohsen Shahinpoor, Andrew Smith, Hanadi Sleiman, Vivian Yam, George Newkome, Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, Markus Gallei, Simon Humphrey, Giuseppina Pace, Mihail Barboiu, Leroy Cronin, A Prasanna de Silva, Suz

There is excellent curiosity in metallosupramolecular fabrics as a result of their use in magnetic, photonic and digital fabrics. Functional Metallosupramolecular Materials makes a speciality of the purposes of those fabrics overlaying the chemistry underlying the synthesis of various ligands to coordinate quite a few steel ions and the iteration of second and 3D fabrics according to those constructs.

The publication begins via diversified metallosupramolecular platforms together with obviously happening sensible metallosupramolecular fabrics; DNA-based metallosupramolecular fabrics; metallopolymers; metallogels in addition to sensible fabrics in accordance with MOFs. next chapters then systematically hide the several purposes akin to molecular computation, spin-crossover, gentle harvesting and as photocatalysts for the creation of sunlight fuels.

The publication offers an summary of useful metallosupramolecular fabrics that would be of curiosity to graduate scholars, teachers and business chemists drawn to supramolecular chemistry, fabrics technology and the fabrics applications.

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Functional metallosupramolecular materials by John George Hardy, Felix H Schacher, Hans-Jorg Schneider,
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