Grinder: A Mystery by Mike Knowles

By Mike Knowles

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He was unconventional as a leader, and as a result, he was more successful than any of his predecessors. He was educated and loved to muse about the nature of animals. He compared those around him to the beasts of the jungle, showing everyone how short the trip was from jungle to pavement. Better than his knowledge of animals and human nature was Paolo’s understanding of the underworld he ruled. He knew how to use the mob and its rules, and more important, he knew how, and when, to circumvent them.

She kept her wits about her despite just being let out of a trunk. “That man, he . ” “He’s gone,” I said. “You mean you . . you . ” “I mean he’s gone. ” I drove, and except for her directions, there was silence in the car. When I pulled into her driveway, I spoke up, putting an end to the quiet. “I’m sorry for what happened,” I said. ” “He needed me to do something. ” “He wouldn’t have hurt you,” I lied. She paused and considered my lie before asking a question in a low voice. ” “It doesn’t matter now,” I said, ending that line of questioning.

I said they probably were out with some girls, but they still didn’t come back the next day. Their phones were off, their friends hadn’t seen them. They were gone. The day after that, we found out Armando’s car got towed. ” “Outside a club in Burlington,” he said. Burlington was a city outside Hamilton. The people were richer and the air was cleaner. ” “The cops got half the resources I got, and no one who knows the boys will talk to the law. ” “So why call me? ” Paolo looked me in the eye. “Someone took my nephews.

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Grinder: A Mystery by Mike Knowles
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