Groundless Paths: The Prajnaparamita Sutras, The Ornament of by Karl Brunnholzl

By Karl Brunnholzl

The Abhisamayalamkara summarizes all of the subject matters within the titanic physique of the prajñaparamita sutras. corresponding to a zip-file, it involves existence in basic terms via its Indian and Tibetan commentaries. jointly, those texts not just speak about the "hidden that means" of the prajñaparamita sutras—the paths and bhumis of sravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas—but additionally function contemplative manuals for the categorical subject of those sutras—emptiness—and the way it is to be understood at the innovative degrees of attention of bodhisattvas. therefore those texts describe what occurs within the brain of a bodhisattva who meditates on vacancy, making it a dwelling adventure from the beginner's degree up via buddhahood.

Groundless Paths includes the 1st in-depth research of the Abhisamayalamkara (the textual content studied so much generally in larger Tibetan Buddhist schooling) and its commentaries from the viewpoint of the Nyingma tuition of Tibetan Buddhism. This examine is composed commonly of translations of Maitreya's recognized textual content and commentaries on it by means of Patrul Rinpoche. those are supplemented by means of 3 brief texts at the paths and bhumis by way of an analogous writer, in addition to wide excerpts from commentaries by means of six different Nyingma masters, together with Mipham Rinpoche. hence this booklet is helping shut a long-standing hole within the smooth scholarship at the prajñaparamita sutras and the literature on paths and bhumis in mahayana Buddhism.

Arya Maitreya's Ornament of transparent attention, with its Indian and Tibetan commentaries, offers the advanced dynamics of the trail to liberation as a succession of realizations of the empty nature of all phenomena. This presentation is a strong antidote to no matter what two-dimensional perspectives we'd carry approximately non secular adventure and the adventure to enlightenment.

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T hat he speaks o f “th e m o th e r of the B uddha” is out o f the wish to indicate the m ain one o f her children, but, ultimately, she is the m o th e r o f all four noble ones. 4db) H ere to present clear realization as the m o th er and [said four] persons as her children is not a presentation o f m o th e r and child by virtue o f [the former] giving birth to som eone whose nature is [as different] as [an actual] m o th er an d child [are]. So how is it then? ” Likewise since the clear realizations o f the three persons [(šrávakas, pratyekabuddhas, an d bodhisattvas)] completely accom plish their respective ultim ate desires, they represent the m o th e r of these persons.

T he arising of d oubt or certainty [about this subject matter] in the intelligent by virtue of said statem ent is its purpose. T h eir engagem ent in the treatise by virtue o f such [doubt or certainty] is its 54 Groundless Paths essential purpose. The aspect o f the latter not occurring w ithout the form er is its connection. 3. 2. The manner in which these are taught by the statement [that describes them] W hen what is prim ary and what is secondary are taken as what is taught explicitly and w hat is taught implicitly, respectively, the essential purpose is w h at is ta u g ht explicitly and the others, {24} implicitly.

76 However, it is not the case that these tw o are w ithout difference otherwise because the m eaning o f the fully qualified m other is to accomplish the desires of her children and the m eaning o f the fully qualified prajn aparam ita is the genuine m in d o f realizing the lack o f nature. Translations: The General Topics 45 4) The m eaning o f th e w o rd s is as follows. The first th re e lines [of the AA’s opening verse o f homage] are [each] explained by way o f four [points]—the th ree o f (a) [psychophysical] support, (b) m eans, and (c) fru itio n in accor­ dance with the position o f m aster Atula[dása] and the added [point of] (d) their justification.

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Groundless Paths: The Prajnaparamita Sutras, The Ornament of by Karl Brunnholzl
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