Handbook of Industrial Chemistry: Organic Chemicals by Mohammad Farhat Ali, Bassam M. El Ali, James G. Speight

By Mohammad Farhat Ali, Bassam M. El Ali, James G. Speight

The definitive consultant for the overall chemical analyses of non-petroleum dependent natural items reminiscent of paints, dyes, oils, fat, and waxes.
* Chemical tables, formulation, and equations
* Covers all the chemical techniques which make the most of natural chemical substances
* actual houses for the most typical natural chemical substances
Contents: safeguard concerns in technique Industries * business toxins Prevention and Waste administration * fit for human consumption Oils, fat, and Waxes * Soaps and Detergents * Sugar and different Sweeteners * Paints, Pigments, and commercial Coatings * Dyestuffs, completing and Dyeing of Textiles * business Fermentation * Pharmaceutical undefined *Agrochemicals * Chemical Explosives * Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals *Polymers and Plastics

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Handbook of Industrial Chemistry: Organic Chemicals by Mohammad Farhat Ali, Bassam M. El Ali, James G. Speight
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