Home theater for dummies by Daniel D Briere; Patrick J Hurley

By Daniel D Briere; Patrick J Hurley

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Passing correct information from one contractor (such as the home theater consultant) to the people doing the work (such as the cabinetmaker who builds the home theater cabinetry) is crucial. The details are what count here, such as cutting out the right size cubbyhole for the kitchen media center. ߜ Computer systems contractor: If you work at home or have complex computer-networking needs, bringing in a computer systems contractor to network your computer hardware and interface it to the appropriate systems can be a great timesaver.

A more modest project has a more modest number of people stomping around your house. Also, many of the previously mentioned professionals — A/V designers, for example — include their services when you purchase their equipment. Chapter 3 The ABCs of Home Theater Audio In This Chapter ᮣ Surrounding yourself with music ᮣ Diving into Dolby ᮣ Digging into DTS ᮣ Discovering the next generation of surround sound formats ᮣ Tuning in to other digital audio formats I n the early days of corporate video conferencing, system designers struggled to balance the audio and video needs for a video conference with the cost for the transmission to carry the signals (which was really expensive).

And if the sound is coming externally, like from the dryer or washer, consider some cheap absorptive wall coverings to muffle it. We talk about creating a home theater environment in more detail in Chapter 20. Organizing Your Gear The most obvious and easy place for all your home theater gear is where you historically have placed it — right next to the TV. And indeed, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach. However, we ask you to look ahead for a moment and think about the investment you’ll make in your home theater and how you’d like to take advantage of that throughout your home.

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Home theater for dummies by Daniel D Briere; Patrick J Hurley
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