Houben-Weyl Methods in Organic Chemistry: 3- and 4-Membered by Houben J., Weyl T.

By Houben J., Weyl T.

Methoden der Organischen Chemie (Methods of natural Chemistry, known as Houben-Weyl) is a typical reference paintings for chemists engaged in natural synthesis. In volumes on compound periods, together with all Supplemental volumes, preparative equipment are handled comprehensively and seriously. Tables of examples evaluate an important equipment and exhibit their scope. certain experimental tactics are given for the simplest equipment. The reactivity and additional reactions of every compound category also are awarded. The large use of formulation schemes help in making the German-language volumes extra with no trouble comprehensible to non-German readers.

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93, 4005, 2003. 5. The distribution of species follows the flow, establishing a concentration boundary layer near the substrate. Clearly then, the deposition of organic molecules on the substrate will proceed by diffusion across this boundary layer. 5), across which the organic vapor must diffuse. Since Peq depends exponentially on temperature, organic molecules condense on the cold substrate, giving rise to a concentration driving force across the boundary layer. 5 (a) Results of numerical solution of the Navier–Stokes equations for a simplified OVPD system geometry, where carrier gas is introduced into the barrel at a Re = 10; the flow field is indicated by the streamlines, while the temperature distribution is shown by the color-map.

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Houben-Weyl Methods in Organic Chemistry: 3- and 4-Membered by Houben J., Weyl T.
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