House of Holes: A Book of Raunch by Nicholson Baker

By Nicholson Baker

Shandee unearths a pleasant arm at a granite quarry. Ned drops down a gap in a golfing direction. Luna meets a guy made up of gentle bulbs at a tanning parlor. So starts Nicholson Baker’s fuse-blowing, sex-positive escapade, condo of Holes.  Baker, the bestselling writer of The Mezzanine, Vox, and The Fermata, who “writes like nobody else in the US” (Newsweek), returns to erotic territory with a gleefully over-the-top novel set in a excitement lodge, the place common principles don’t follow. viewers, pulled in through their consuming straws or the dryers in laundromats, can endure crotchal transfers . . . make like to timber . . . stopover at the Groanrooms and the twelve-screen Porndecahedron . . . or pussy-surf the White Lake. It’s very pricey, after all, yet there are work-study courses. accountable for day by day operations is Lila, a former health center administrator whose breast milk has strange regenerative properties.Brimful of good-nature, wit, and surreal sexual vocabulary, apartment of Holes is a modern day Hieronymous Boschian bacchanal that's absolute to shock, amuse, and arouse.

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After I have an orgasm I get so darn much work done. ” She thought briefly, tapping her pen lightly on her nose. ” Shandee waited. ” She clicked a button. “Zilka. ” Shandee thought she should bring the conversation around. ” she asked. “Let me muse on that further,” said Lila, taking off her bifocals. ” She sniffed Dave’s arm’s knuckles and pressed his hand lightly on her breast. “Hmmm. Let me just consider awhile. ” Zilka opened the door for Hax, Ruzty, and Dune. Lila quickly lowered Dave’s arm and looked over the crowd.

You’ve arrived here on what’s called a work-study scholar-ship,” Lila said. “We’ve got dozens of men arriving every day, with their wallets. The rush is on. We scan them for badness when they rematerialize—we’ll find any of nineteen diseases, cough, runny nose, STDs, of course. ” “I don’t know,” said Zilka. “At least nineteen diseases, plus any tendency toward thieving, scamming, or violent behavior. ” “For instance, what’s his name, Pootie,” said Zilka, folding Ruzty’s pants. “Pootie was awful.

She walked away. The waiting room was empty. There were two couches and some lamps with fringed lampshades and some pictures on the wall of sheep in fields. Shandee hummed along with Sade’s “Smooth Operator,” while Dave’s arm, resting on her lap, gently stroked the back of her hand. On the low coffee table in front of her was a pile of magazines. She began flipping through a copy of Contemporary Crochet. ” There followed four pages of sultry men with perfect T-shaped chest hair staring off at the horizon wearing little crocheted ballsack pouches with their semi-erections hanging through.

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House of Holes: A Book of Raunch by Nicholson Baker
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