Human Growth Hormone by A. Stuart Mason (Eds.)

By A. Stuart Mason (Eds.)

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A. (1961) : Lactogenic activity of h u m a n pituitary growth hormone. Lancet, 2, 241. , Abramow, M . a n d Bergans, A. (1962) : Some effects of h u m a n growth hormone on renal hemodynamics a n d on tubular phosphate transport in m a n . Journal of Clinical Investigation, 41, 1230. 18 Daughaday, W . H . , Laron, Z. a n d Heins, J . N . (1969) : Defective sulphation factor generation : A possible etiological link in dwarfism. Clinical Research, 77,472 (abstract). 19 Daughaday, W . H . a n d Parker, M .

This improvement in carbohydrate tolerance, coupled with the finding that six days after an initial course of daily H G H there is a relative 30 HUMAN G R O W T H HORMONE hypoglycaemia 8 ' 4 0 suggests t h a t H G H administration not only results in increased insulin release but perhaps an increase in insulin reserve. All these studies indicate that H G H causes a shift to the metabolism of fat. A less scientific b u t more aesthetic indication of this is loss of weight, loss of chubbiness a n d the development of a slimmer a n d more normal body contour which occurs during the initial linear growth spurt induced by H G H therapy in hypopituitary dwarfs.

Hales, G. N . a n d Newsholme, E. A. (1963): T h e glucose fatty-acid cycle. Its role in insulin sensitivity a n d the metabolic disturbances of diabetes mellitus. Lancet, ii, 785. 58 Root, A. , Bongiovanni, A. M . a n d Eberlein, W . R . (1969) : Studies of the secretion a n d metabolic effects of h u m a n growth hormone in children with glucocorticoid-induced growth retardation. Journal of Pediatrics 75, 826. 59 Root, A. W . a n d Oski, F. A. (1969): Effects of h u m a n growth hormone in elderly males.

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Human Growth Hormone by A. Stuart Mason (Eds.)
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