Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 2 by W. Conard Fernelius (ed.)

By W. Conard Fernelius (ed.)

The volumes during this carrying on with sequence offer a compilation of present ideas and ideas in inorganic artificial chemistry. comprises inorganic polymer syntheses and training of vital inorganic solids, syntheses utilized in the improvement of pharmacologically energetic inorganic compounds, small-molecule coordination complexes, and comparable compounds. additionally includes necessary info on transition organometallic compounds together with species with metal-metal cluster molecules. All syntheses offered the following were established.

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CePOI Samarskite.. Xenotime.. . Gadolinite. . Cerite. . . . Allanite.. . . Fergusonite. Thalenite.. Columbite Thortveitite. Yttrofluorite.. Yttrotitanite.. Apatite.. . . Fluocerite. . yCaFz (Ca,Ce)aOFcOH Euxenite .. . Yz(Ti03)3 Lovchorrite.. (Ce,Y)a(TiOa)6’20CaSi03~10llNaF Extraction. The process of extraction of the rare earths from minerals and their isolation as a group from the other elements with which they are generally associated is not a complicated one; but, in most cases, it does demand the use of large-scale apparatus.

Or lower (see synthesis 5) a t about 156" (vapor of boiling bromobenzene). The sublimate is dissolved in the least possible quantity of benzene, and the pure acetylacetonate is then precipitated by the addition of petroleum ether. After the precipitate is filtered by suction, it is washed with petroleum ether andair-dried. For many purposes the sublimation may be omitted. 2 g. (81 per cent). * Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Ohio. Deceased.. p. p. 6') is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents.

Allgem. , 220, 107 (1934). 8. GOLDSCHMIDT: J. Chem. ,1937, 655. 12. THE EXTRACTION OF RARE EARTH MINERALS I. MONAZITE AND XENOTIME SUBMITTEDBY D. W. PEARCE,* R. A. HANSON,* AND J. C. BUTLER*^ CHECKED BY WARREN C. JOHNSON$ AND WALTER 0. HAASS Monazite, the orthophosphate of the cerium group rare earths, is, without doubt, the most important rare earth mineral. It contains1 cerium-group oxides (49 to 74 per cent), yttrium-group oxides (1 to 4 per cent), thoria (1 to 20 per cent), and variable quantities of silica, iron(II1) oxide, alumina, etc.

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Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 2 by W. Conard Fernelius (ed.)
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