Inorganic Synthesis, Vol. 33 by Dimitri Coucouvanis

By Dimitri Coucouvanis

The Inorganic Syntheses sequence offers inorganic chemists with certain and foolproof strategies for the instruction of vital and well timed compounds. quantity 33 comprises provocative contributions on syntheses of chosen supramolecules, valuable reagents/ligands, stable country materials/clusters, and different compounds of common curiosity.

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If a spectrofluorimeter is available, it is possible to check the purity of the sample by looking at the emission spectrum of the product; only the band of the decanuclear complex (max ¼ 785 nm in acetonitrile at RT)7 must be present. The band of the mononuclear core (max ¼ 635 nm, in acetonitrile at RT)7 should be absent (excitation wavelength 450 nm). ) Anal. Calcd. 51. 01. Properties The complexes dealt with in this contribution are soluble in polar solvents (like acetonitrile and acetone).

Note: It is necessary to swell the Sephadex-CM C-25 resin in excess eluant mixture, at room temperature without stirring, for about 24 h before use. Attention must be paid to the quantity of Sephadex-CM C-25 resin used, since its volume increases about twice on swelling. ) Anal. Calcd. 73. 28. B. TETRAKIS-HEXAFLUOROPHOSPHATE-BIS-BISBIPYRIDYL2,3-BIS(2-PYRIDYLPYRAZINE)RUTHENIUM(II)DICHLORORUTHENIUM(II) ({Cl2Ru[(l-2,3-dpp)Ru(bpy)2]2}(PF6)4) ClÀ 2½RuðbpyÞ2 ð2,3-dppފðPF6 Þ2 þ RuCl3 À! fCl2 Ru½ð-2,3-dppÞRuðbpyÞ2 Š2 gðPF6 Þ4 This synthesis must be repeated twice in order to get the amount of product necessary for the subsequent synthesis of (Ru{(-2,3-dpp)Ru[(-2,3-dpp)Ru (bpy)2]2}3)(PF6)20.

61 (s, 24H, CCH3). 1 (acetyl CH3). IR (Nujol)  cm À1) ¼ 3275 (s, str, br, amide NH) 1740 (s, str, acetyl CO), 1667 (s, str, amide), 1610 (sh, w, aryl ring/amide). 4H). 0. IR (KBr disk)  ðcmÀ1 Þ ¼ 3308, 1738, 1670, 1616. B. 25 mol, % 4:4 equiv assuming pure t-AcMPA-B), and a magnetic stirring bar. The flask is fitted with a reflux condenser that is attached to an N2 source and a mineral oil bubbler. The system is flushed with N2 (10 min) and then the mixture is stirred and brought to reflux using a heating mantle under static N2 (24 h).

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Inorganic Synthesis, Vol. 33 by Dimitri Coucouvanis
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