John Audubon: Young Naturalist (Young Patriots Series, Book by Miriam E. Mason, Cathy Morrison

By Miriam E. Mason, Cathy Morrison

Age variety: nine - 12 years
Grade point: four - 7

As an grownup, John Audubon was once the simplest identified flora and fauna artist of the nineteenth century, and his booklet, Birds of America, is the normal opposed to which all next chook artwork has been measured.

In this tale concerning the artist's formative years within the West Indies and France, John's love of drawing sends him into the fields and woods close to his state residence in pursuit of winged types. video games and adventures additionally beckon: John confronts a ghost within the previous water mill tower, offers his buddy Cecile with a shock birthday present (that is going horribly wrong!), and sails off to hunt his fortune in America.

Special positive aspects contain a precis of John's grownup accomplishments, enjoyable evidence detailing little-known information regarding him, and a time line of his life.

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John Audubon: Young Naturalist (Young Patriots Series, Book by Miriam E. Mason, Cathy Morrison
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