Liberation in One Lifetime: Biographies and Teachings of by Francis V. Tiso

By Francis V. Tiso

Milarepa (1052-1135), an immense determine within the historical past of the Kagyu institution of Tibetan Buddhism and often called considered one of Tibet's maximum lamas and poets, maintains to encourage Buddhist practitioners all over the world to the current day. Liberation in a single Lifetime explores the heritage and spirituality of the Kagyu lineage in dating to the narratives and teachings attributed to Milarepa through learning a number of the earliest models of those fabrics. delivering a close research of the biographical fabric that has been written approximately Milarepa (who was once additionally a pupil of Marpa, a massive determine within the improvement of the Bka'-brgyud-pa institution of Tibetan Buddhism), writer, theologian, and well-respected Tibetan Buddhist pupil, Francis V. Tiso, describes the historic context of the culture of hagiography (biography) in Buddhism and different non secular traditions, and offers a heritage of Milarepa's impression in Tibet.

Part One explains the culture of composing tales approximately Milarepa's lifestyles and teachings (there were many during the centuries) and contains outlines of the contents of a few of them in addition to an evidence of the oral types which have been transmitted through oral epic songs and poems that Milarepa composed. Describing the non secular elements of Bka'-brgyud-pa, half comprises tantric practices, an overview for the trail of liberation, definitions of "voidness," and the features of absolutely enlightened Buddhahood. half 3 comprises translated biographies and oral teachings of Milarepa (in poetic shape) which are thought of sacred texts. The e-book additionally contains a foreword by means of Roberto Vitali, a well known Tibetan Buddhist student in addition to an intensive bibliography of basic and secondary assets.

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In fact, the Mila tradition is probably more acces sible to this type o f study precisely because we know a great deal more about Milarepa, his biographers and the his tory of the lineage over a much longer period (1 1 25-1 500) than we do about Jesus and his disciples (30- 1 00) during the period o f the redaction of the Gospels . In the earlier versions such as that of rGyal Thang pa, as well as in the works o f gTsang smyon, there is a noticeable flavor o f "epic" style. Geo ffrey Samuels has pointed out that th e written versions of the epic of Gesar are several centuries later than the - 19 - biographical co rp us 37.

Dialogues of the Buddha, Part IT (London: Henry Frowde, 1 9 1 0), XXIB , Mahdpaddna Suttanta, 4-41 . 6 Stanley J . Tambiah, The Buddhist Saints of the Forest and the Cult ofAmulets (Camb ri dge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1 9 84), 21 -24. R. Norman, trans. The Elders ' Verses: I Theragdthd; II Therigdthd (London: Pali Text Society, 1 969, 1 971), passim. 7 Philip B. , The Platform 'CI of the Sixth Patriarch (New York: Columbia University Press, 1 967), 1 25 . 1 : "Prior to the Platform Sutra we have no instance in which a wor hich was merely the record of the career and sermons of a certain master is given the name Sutra.

Age 84; water female hare year 1 1 23 2. 8th day of the the Bird; 3. 1 1 23; age 83. 4. 5. None 6. none. 7. Age 7 3 ; year of the m o n ke y ( 1 1 1 6 ? ) ; eve ning of the ful moon day of the la s t o f the three s prin g months; at dawn. 8. A ge 84; sunrise, 1 4th day of the 1 2th month of the year of Hate (1 1 36) 1 . Lama Mil arepa 3. Milarepa, Ak�obhya (or: Water Female hare age 831) constellation year, 1 1 23, C. th e Wood und e r the ninth lunar 2. Milarepa, Tashi Tseringma. 4. rJe btsun, followers, Ma gcig zha ma, B udd ha 5.

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Liberation in One Lifetime: Biographies and Teachings of by Francis V. Tiso
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