Metal Complex - DNA Interactions by Nick Hadjiliadis, Einar Sletten

By Nick Hadjiliadis, Einar Sletten

Steel ions and steel complexes have lengthy been famous as severely very important parts of nucleic acid chemistry, either in legislation of gene expression and as promising healing brokers. figuring out how steel complexes engage with DNA has turn into an lively study quarter on the interface among chemistry, molecular biology and medicine.Metal complicated - DNA Interactions offers a entire evaluation of this more and more various box, offering contemporary advancements and the newest study with specific emphasis on metal-based medicinal drugs and steel ion toxicity. The textual content is split into 4 parts:Basic Structural and Kinetic elements: comprises chapters on sequence-selective steel binding to DNA and thermodynamic models. Medical purposes: makes a speciality of anticancer platinum medicines, together with discussions on DNA fix in antitumor results of platinum medications and photo-dynamic therapy.DNA-Recognition - Nucleases and Sensor: describes probes for DNA reputation, synthetic limit brokers, metallo-DNAzymes for steel sensing functions and steel ion established catalysis in nucleic acid enzymes.Toxicological features: bargains with structural reports of mercury–DNA interactions, chromium-induced DNA harm and service, and the impression of arsenic and nickel on DNA integrity.This booklet should be a precious source for educational researchers and execs from more than a few pharmaceutical and chemical industries, fairly these inquisitive about the advance of recent and not more poisonous anticancer metallo-drugs, and within the box of environmental and toxicological chemistry.

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2 Model Systems One of the first oligodeoxynucleotides studied by X-ray crystallography29 and subsequently by NMR spectroscopy30 was the famous Dickerson–Drew sequence, d(C1G2C3G4A5A6T7T8C9G10C11G12) (seq. I). The 1D and 2D NMR spectra used as bases for the three-dimensional NMR structure showed an unexpectedly strong line-broadening of the G4-H8 resonance. 7 Since trace amounts of paramagnetic impurities are often found to be present in nucleotide preparations it is recommended to always run samples through a CHELEX column to remove such impurities before NMR metal ion titration experiments are performed.

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Metal Complex - DNA Interactions by Nick Hadjiliadis, Einar Sletten
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