New Sinn Fein: Republicanism Beyond the IRA by Agnes Maillot

By Agnes Maillot

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The lessons to be drawn from the ordeal of the hunger strikes were to pave the way for Sinn Féin’s strategic choices from then on. Bobby Sands, the first prisoner to die, on 5 May 1981, after a fast that had lasted sixty-six days, epitomised the new image that Sinn Féin chose to put across, an image it wanted republicanism to be identified with. Sands was portrayed as an ordinary man, a typical volunteer of the IRA, the product of the conflict, and the victim, like so many others, of prevalent sectarianism.

The gradual intensification of its operations, along with an increased presence of the British army and the security forces, made it imperative for its organisation to be as sophisticated and professional as possible. By the end of the decade, it was becoming gradually more obvious that a military defeat of the IRA was unlikely and that the conflict would not be resolved by military means. 13 The organisation was deemed capable of recruiting members, of attracting men and women with the necessary capability and know-how, and it would continue to benefit from sufficient support to remain operational (AP, 12 May 1979).

14 Negotiations were attempted. The first of these took place in March 1972, when local leaders such as Gerry Adams, interned at the time, and Martin McGuinness, formed part of a team of negotiators that included some of the IRA and Sinn Féin’s top men – Seán MacStiofáin, then chief-of-staff, and Daithi Ó Conaill, Sinn Féin’s Vice-president. The outcome of the discussions with British officials was a fragile three-day truce and a return to the impasse. The Provisionals did not seem entirely ready to grasp the complexity of the situation and simply demanded a British withdrawal and subsequent reunification of the island.

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New Sinn Fein: Republicanism Beyond the IRA by Agnes Maillot
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