Piers Plowman: A Glossary of Legal Diction by John A. Alford

By John A. Alford

Students have lengthy believed that William Langland had a technical wisdom of the legislations. Piers Plowman: A thesaurus of criminal Diction is the 1st try and verify that trust via a finished learn of the poet's language. The word list examines greater than six hundred phrases and words (from all 3 models of the poem) that had felony importance in 14th-century England. Entries comprise not just such really expert phrases as escheat, mainprise, and supersedeas, but additionally phrases like problem, make certain, farm, occupy, and cause, whose criminal value has been obscured via centuries of standard utilization. every one access involves a definition, a number of examples in Piers Plowman, and assisting citations from criminal assets. An introductory essay locations the poet's use of felony terminology in the higher framework of his ethical goal.

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However, the meaning of the phrase is more technical; it translates the common formula doctor utriusque juris, 'doctor of both laws' (canoo and civil). ct. Lydgate, The Dance of Death, EETS 181 (1931), 351225: 'Com forth, doctour of Canon & Cyvile'; Lud. Cov. , Roman law) was the normal preparation for a career in canon or ecclesiastical law. Thus Maitland: 'Owing to the rapid development of our own English system oftemporallaw ,the civilian who was only a civilian had never found much to do in this country.

13s. 2Ihd. '; Writs 212: 'The auditors of the aforesaid account have unduly oppressed the said A. in respect ofthe said account, debiting him with receipts which he has not received and not allowing [non allocando] in his favour expenses and reasonable outgoings' (the language repeats that of the statute Westminster 11,13 Edw. 1 c. 11). See ALWWEN (I). ALLoWEN I. ) as a right or due; to credit; to reimburse or reward (Fr. aI/ouer < Lat. 251). Cf. Statute 3 Edw. I c. 33as: aUocetur debitum in saccario], so that it shall no more come in the summons [or appear in the records]'; Cov.

1:210: 'Bargaynes et contractz'; D&P 2:186/10: 'Barganyyn & brockyn aboutyn syngynge of Ix: messe. 186is a particularly happy one; d. Blanch and Wasserman on SGGK: 'Bercilak then calls for a "beuerage" (1112), a ceremonial means of sealing an agreement,' 'Medieval Contracts and Covenants: The Legal Coloring of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,' Neophilologus68 (1984), 603. BROKAGE. 3,473). · As the citation from Cleanness shows. ' BURN, LoRD. H. 129 Coueitise ... I12); d. 217. 123. ~1~ckstoDe 1:387: 'It may be collected from king John's magna carto, that 0':lglnally aU lordsot manors, or barons, that held of the king incapitt, had seats m the great council of parliament ....

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