Pointing Out the Dharmakaya by Khenchen Thrangu, Dalai Lama

By Khenchen Thrangu, Dalai Lama

This ebook is a handy brief functional handbook for Mahamudra practitioners on how you can examine the brain.

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The second technique uses a statue or image of the Buddha as a support for the practice. This is called a pure or sacred support. In general, we use statues of the Buddha in order to inculcate faith and devotion, and here that is 38 Pointing Out the Dharmakaya fine. But faith and devotion are not the most essential point of the practice. One simply uses the image of the Buddha as a support for one’s bare attention, as one did with the pebble. The superiority of this technique lies in the fact that the blessing of the Buddha’s form somehow empowers or enhances the shamatha that is developed.

By engendering bodhichitta we can avoid falling into the Hinayana path and follow the great path of the Mahayana. This is why we practice taking refuge and why we resolve to reach enlightenment for the sake of all beings. We do this again and again, so that we can follow the right path. The goal of all practice is accomplishing Buddhahood. To accomplish Buddhahood, we need to develop genuine meditation which is the goal of all Buddhist teachings. The Uttaratantra by the Maitreya Buddha, for example, is divided into seven different vajra topics; the first three are about the three jewels, the fourth is about the Buddha essence, with the fifth about the qualities of enlightenment and the sixth about Buddha activity.

However, this watchfulness or, this watchman, has to be very relaxed and gentle. It can’t be too heavy-handed, otherwise the whole thing becomes a conceptual judgement. The technique of mind is to rest in this awareness of the present moment with a gentle watchman of mindfulness and alertness. (b) Particular Points of the Mind In addition to the basic technique, there are a number of particular techniques, involving a variety of supports that are appropriate to use when we find that our mind simply cannot come to rest.

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Pointing Out the Dharmakaya by Khenchen Thrangu, Dalai Lama
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