Politicization of Religion, the Power of Symbolism: The Case by G. Ognjenovic, J. Jozelic, Gorana Ognjenovi?, Jasna Jozeli?

By G. Ognjenovic, J. Jozelic, Gorana Ognjenovi?, Jasna Jozeli?

There is a smart distinction among a battle being labeled as "religious" and faith being politicized for the aim of accomplishing a political aim. but it can every now and then be challenging to inform distinction among the 2. it may be specially challenging to take action whilst the adaptation among "pretend to be" and "is" is obscured virtually to some extent past acceptance. within the quantity one,we learn the mass creation and use of counterfeit non secular symbolism used for political reasons. In quantity of this publication we concentration extra at the genuine functional program of the symbolism in the context of nation, kingdom and religion: using counterfeit spiritual symbolism to blur the fundamental contrast among "what is a true threat to a kingdom" and "what is not."

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An interesting observation to be made here is that none of the authorities in these two former republics ever attempted to stop either SPC from organizing or Vuk Drašković from conducting the meetings. (The same Vuk Drašković, in 2007, as Serbia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, led the Serbian chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe). Soon after, in 1989 there was a drastic increase of the use of the Cyrillic alphabet in public, even before the conflict was fired up, on the grave stones of Vlachs, for example.

War mimicry emerges in strife. This means that not all 30 Marjan Smrke war mimicry is military mimicry. Military and war mimicries are, by their very definition, reciprocal: Bellum omnium contra omnes—Mimicry omnia contra omnes. Antagonists are often mimics and operators at one and the same time. Mimicry in civil war has its specific qualities that should be mentioned because some of the conflicts that followed the disintegration of Yugoslavia contained several elements of a civil war. One of these particulars is the fact that antagonists (M and O) are more likely than usual to be in many ways similar or alike.

140. 51.  143. 52.  147. 53. Sonja Biserko, Yugoslavia’s Implosion, The Fatal Attraction of Serbian Nationalism (Helsinki: Norwegian Helsinki Committee, 2012). 54. Vuk Drašković, Nož (Beograd: Srpska reč, 1982). 55. Derogatory title for Bosnian Muslims. 56. Osnovno javno obvinitelstvo, KO. Br.  1–4. 57.  1–4, 77–103. 3 Ethno-religious Mimicry in the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina Marjan Smrke More than two hundred thousand people were killed, some four hundred thousand injured, and seventy thousand permanently disabled during the armed conflicts that attended the disintegration of Yugoslavia between 1991 and 1995; a further four million people were displaced or forced to flee into permanent exile.

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Politicization of Religion, the Power of Symbolism: The Case by G. Ognjenovic, J. Jozelic, Gorana Ognjenovi?, Jasna Jozeli?
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