Principles of Regeneration by Richard J. Goss (Auth.)

By Richard J. Goss (Auth.)

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In the real hydra, only one head grows back, but each amputated head can reconstitute an entire organism. Hydras are capable of sexual reproduction, which they indulge in as a result of such adverse conditions as overcrowding, stagnant water, lowered temperatures and/or a rise in C 0 tension. In response to these conditions, gonads develop along the sides of the animal. Eggs are fertilized by sperm (usually from a different parent), and the zygote develops directly into a new polyp. Sexual reproduction may be permanently bypassed, however, by rearing hydras under constant optimal conditions, in which case they multiply indefinitely by asexual budding.

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Principles of Regeneration by Richard J. Goss (Auth.)
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