Programming and Customizing the Avr Microcontroller by Dhananjay Gadre

By Dhananjay Gadre

This reader-friendly advisor exhibits you ways to take cost of the most recent, such a lot flexible microcontrollers round, Atmel's AVR RISC chip relations. Inside, Electronics World author and astronomy instrumentation developer Dhananjay V. Gadre walks you from first assembly those interesting new computers-on-a-chip all through layout and ready-to-launch items.

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7. 8. 9. 10. 11. architecture, and the EEPROM and the RAM is seen as DATA memory for storing constants and variables. 0 to 10-MHz clock speed operation. , the 8051) operating at equal clock frequency. Power On RESET circuit. On-chip programmable timer with separate prescalar. This is used for timing applications. Internal and external interrupt sources. Programmable watchdog timer with independent oscillator. This is used to recover in case of software crash but can also be used for other interesting applications as discussed in one of the project chapters.

Serial ports are of two types: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous data transfer needs an accompanying clock signal with each data bit for timing information, while the asynchronous data transfer does not need the clock signal, and the timing information and synchronization is embedded in the data bit itself by way of duration of data bits as well as additional start- and stop-bits on the data path. Digital I/O Port: The microcontroller uses the digital I/O components to exchange digital data with the outside world.

6. 2. Bits 1,0-PWM11, PWM10: Pulse Width Modulator Select Bits. 7. 13 The Timer/Counter0 control register. 14 The Timer/Counter0 register. TABLE 3-6 COMPARE1 MODE SELECT. X IS A OR B COM1X1 COM1X0 DESCRIPTION 0 0 Timer/counter1 disconnected from output pin OC1X. 0 1 Toggle OC1X output. ” TABLE 3-7 PWM MODE SELECT PWM11 PWM10 DESCRIPTION 0 0 PWM operation of timer/counter1 is disabled. 0 1 8-bit PWM. 1 0 9-bit PWM. 1 0 10-bit PWM. 10 TCCR1B: TIMER/COUNTER1 CONTROL REGISTER B The bits of the TCCR1B register have the following: 1.

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Programming and Customizing the Avr Microcontroller by Dhananjay Gadre
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