Programming Clojure (2nd edition) by Stuart Halloway, Aaron Bedra

By Stuart Halloway, Aaron Bedra

Programming Clojure, 2d Edition is an important replace to the vintage e-book at the Clojure language. You'll get thorough assurance of the entire new positive factors of Clojure 1.3, and luxuriate in reorganized and rewritten chapters that mirror the importance of latest Clojure innovations. Many code examples were rewritten or changed, and each web page has been reevaluated within the gentle of Clojure 1.3.

As Aaron and Stu assist you to construct an program from scratch, you'll get a wealthy view right into a whole Clojure workflow. And you'll get a useful schooling in considering in Clojure as you're employed out suggestions to a number of the elements of a problem.

Clojure is turning into the language of selection for those who are relocating to practical programming or facing the demanding situations of concurrency. Clojure offers:

* The simplicity of an elegantly designed language
* the ability of Lisp
* The virtues of concurrency and sensible style
* The succeed in of the JVM
* the rate of hand-written Java code

It's the combo of those positive aspects that makes Clojure sparkle. Programming Clojure, 2d Edition exhibits you the way to imagine in Clojure, and to use those mixed strengths to construct robust courses quick.

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Sometimes you want to skip elements at the start of a collection. ” Binding proceeds from left to right, so the _ is actually bound twice: ; *not* idiomatic! (let [[_ _ z] [1 2 3]] _) -> 2 It is also possible to simultaneously bind both a collection and elements within the collection. Inside a destructuring expression, an :as clause gives you a binding for the entire enclosing structure. For example, you could capture the x and y coordinates individually, plus the entire collection as coords, in order to report the total number of dimensions: (let [[x y :as coords] [1 2 3 4 5 6]] (str "x: " x ", y: " y ", total dimensions " (count coords))) -> "x: 1, y: 2, total dimensions 6" report erratum • discuss 40 • Chapter 2.

6. com/technomancy/leiningen report erratum • discuss 12 • Chapter 1. Getting Started Building Clojure Yourself You may want to build Clojure from source to get access to newer features and bug fixes. git cd clojure mvn package The sample code is regularly updated to match the current development head of Clojure. Check the README file in the sample code to see the revision numbers that the samples were most recently tested with. The dependencies will be downloaded and placed in the proper location.

The details are often omitted for brevity. divide Here the problem is obvious, but sometimes the problem is more subtle and you want the detailed stack trace. The *e special variable holds the last report erratum • discuss 14 • Chapter 1. Getting Started exception. core/eval Java interop is covered in Chapter 9, Java Down and Dirty, on page 203. If you have a block of code that is too large to conveniently type at the REPL, save the code into a file, and then load that file from the REPL. clj, and then ...

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Programming Clojure (2nd edition) by Stuart Halloway, Aaron Bedra
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