Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to Modern Databases by Eric Redmond, Jim R. Wilson

By Eric Redmond, Jim R. Wilson

Facts is getting larger and extra complicated by means of the day, and so are the alternatives in dealing with that information. As a contemporary program developer you must comprehend the rising box of knowledge administration, either RDBMS and NoSQL. Seven Databases in Seven Weeks takes you on a travel of a few of the most popular open resource databases this present day. within the culture of Bruce A. Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, this booklet is going past your simple instructional to discover the basic ideas on the middle each one technology.

Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, Riak and Postgres. With every one database, you'll take on a real-world information challenge that highlights the suggestions and lines that make it shine. You'll discover the 5 facts types hired by way of those databases-relational, key/value, columnar, record and graph-and which forms of difficulties are most fitted to each.

You'll find out how MongoDB and CouchDB are strikingly varied, and observe the Dynamo historical past on the middle of Riak. Make your purposes speedier with Redis and extra hooked up with Neo4J. Use MapReduce to resolve great info difficulties. construct clusters of servers utilizing scalable companies like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Discover the CAP theorem and its implications in your allotted information. comprehend the tradeoffs among consistency and availability, and in case you can use them in your virtue. Use a number of databases in live performance to create a platform that's greater than the sum of its elements, or locate one who meets your entire wishes at once.

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks will take you on a deep dive into all of the databases, their strengths and weaknesses, and the way to settle on those that fit you.

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I begin with the trite observation that a view is a relvar—a virtual relvar, to be precise, or in other words a relvar that “looks and feels” just like a real, or base, relvar but (unlike a real or base relvar) doesn’t exist independently of other relvars; rather, it’s defined in terms of, or derived from, such other relvars. Here’s a definition: Definition: A view is a derived, virtual relvar. The value of view V at time T is the result of evaluating a certain relational expression (the view defining expression) at that time T.

Activities of users at terminals and ... application programs should remain unaffected when the internal representation of data is changed and even when some aspects of the external representation are changed. The first sentence here says we want physical data independence; the second says we want logical data independence as well. 5 Physical data independence means we can change the way the data is physically stored and accessed without having to make changes in the way the data is perceived by the user; analogously, logical data independence means we can change the way the data is logically stored and accessed, again without having to make changes in the way the data is perceived by the user.

Note: I remind you from the preface that throughout this book I use “Database Design and Relational Theory” as an abbreviated form of reference to my book Database Design and Relational Theory: Normal Forms and All That Jazz (O’Reilly, 2012). The Technical Context / Chapter 2 23 You can think of a predicate as a truth valued function. Like all functions, it has a set of parameters; it returns a result when it’s invoked; and (because it’s truth valued) that result is either TRUE or FALSE. In the case of the predicate for relvar S, for example, the parameters are SNO, SNAME, STATUS, and CITY (corresponding of course to the attributes of the relvar), and they stand for values of the applicable types (CHAR, CHAR, INTEGER, and CHAR, respectively).

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