Shaping The Ripples (AUK New Authors) by Paul Wallington

By Paul Wallington

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No problem. ” The phone in reception only works for incoming calls on our crisis line, so I lead her down the corridor and into the second consulting room. One of the benefits of York’s current boom is that there’s quite a lot of businesses and shops looking for extra staff, and over time quite a few of them have learned that the people they get from us tend to be very dedicated and reliable. An hour or so and quite a few phone calls later, Ali left for the first of her three interviews, considerably happier than when she had arrived.

He asked. ” I promised as I took the envelope off him. “But what happens next will be up to her. ” He nodded, and walked abruptly to the door. ”, and was gone. I put away the files I had been working on, and then locked all the internal doors, before setting the alarm. Locking the front door behind me, I stepped out onto the already dark street, and began my walk home. Chapter Three My flat is almost directly opposite the Crisis Centre, on the other side of the river. The walk home takes me through a small park area, called St.

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Shaping The Ripples (AUK New Authors) by Paul Wallington
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