Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis by Kevin Burgess

By Kevin Burgess

I'm attention-grabbing within the booklet. Now, i'm learning polymerization natural movies via vapor despition lower than UV excition.I need to know the mechanism of solid-phase reactions and make the most of the reactions to make polymer movies.

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After conversion of the aniline group to the trifluoroacetamide, a second palla- 0 R’ \ \\ RO )- cat. PdC12(PPh&, Cul TMG/dioxane, 80 OC, 18 h Scheme 3. 2. HECK REACTION 31 R’ TMG/dioxane PdC12( PPh& Cul, 90 “C, 18 h NaOH/‘PrOH R’ w HOb I H ’ \ ’ N H R’ Scheme 4. dium-catalyzed step, in which there is included the vinyl triflate of a second element of diversity, allows for limited functionality at the 3-position also. The nitrogen may be alkylated using NaH and the appropriate organohalide. The method allows for the production of complex indoles such as 4, with a OH DEAD, 6% NH3, 25 “C, 16 h * PPh3 0i ------R PcQ(PPh&, TMG, DMF, (ii) NaOH, Cul 50 “C, ‘PrOH Scheme 5.

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Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis by Kevin Burgess
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