Soviet and East European Law and the Scientific–Technical by Gordon B. Smith

By Gordon B. Smith

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Mambet: And even h a r d e r to be yourself. (2) An even more i r r e v e r e n t depiction of STR occurs in a new Soviet film prescreened at the end of 1979 and reportedly the first satire in Soviet moviemaking in the past decade. The main character of Foam is Pavel Pavlovich Makhonin, a senior b u r e a u c r a t who appears to be either the director of a powerful research institute or a high level administrator just below ministerial r a n k . Makhonin is clearly indicated as a pre-STR official who is fearful of losing his post to b e t t e r qualified younger men educated in the new research and production techniques which are foreign to him.

G. A f a n a s ' e v , calling for the simultaneous strengthening of both democracy and centralism, affirms: The development of this principle i s now c l e a r l y d i s p l a y i n g two t r e n d s . The first - toward f u r t h e r centralization - i s c o n n e c t e d with p r o d u c t i o n c o n c e n t r a t i o n and implementing g i g a n t i c p r o j e c t s which r e q u i r e t h e mobilization of tremendous r e s o u r c e s and coordinated work b y a multitude of territorial and sectoral management o r g a n s .

18 ff. ; Charles Gati, "The Stalinist Legacy in Soviet Foreign Policy," in The Soviet Union since Stalin, p p . 279-301. 2) Cyril Black, "New Soviet Thinking," Times, November 24, 1978, p . A27. The New York 3) Dzhermen Gvishiani, "The Scientific and Technological Revolution and P r o g r e s s , " in Historical Materialism: Theory, Methodology, Problems (Moscow: Social Sciences Today, 1977), p . 41 (emphasis a d d e d ) . 4) Radovan Richta, "The Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Prospects of Social Development," in Ralf Dahrendorf et a l .

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Soviet and East European Law and the Scientific–Technical by Gordon B. Smith
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