The Backyard Homestead Guide to Energy Self-Sufficiency by Paul Scheckel

By Paul Scheckel

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Using the centerline on the mounting plate as a reference, carefully measure and mark the locations for the generator mounting holes. Note: It may be easier to complete the assembly by removing the mounting plate. Drill four 1/4” holes through the plate for the 1/4” x 2” #20 generator mounting bolts. The bolts will thread directly into the generator housing. To adjust the height between the generator and its mounting plate (for aligning with the roller shaft), add a nut on each side of the mounting plate, and thread the bolts into the generator housing.

T HE VA LU E O F ELECTR I CI TY 35 2 Do Your Own Energy Audit P e r f o r m i n g a n e n e r gy audit in your home is a great way to learn about your house, assess your habits, reduce your energy use, save money, fix problems, and find lots of things you thought you’d never see again. An audit implies investigation, and not necessarily action. But why bother with the investigation if you don’t intend to do anything with the information you gather? Therefore, this chapter covers a number of improvements you can make to reduce your energy use, along with some discussion to give you a basic understanding of the issues.

For this reason, knowing how many kWh are used in a day is a more useful way to understand electrical consumption. Awareness Assessment Take an inventory of electrical appliances and anything that’s plugged into an outlet. Crawl around, To assess your electrical use means to understand how much electrical energy each appliance uses. Power consumption of appliances can be discovered in several ways, although some are more accurate than others. • Assessment of the energy use of the equipment in your home and how your habits affect energy consumption and costs (calculate the energy used and cost of the lights being on) • Action to reduce your use (replace the switch) Electricity L e t ’ s s ta r t b y Dis-aggregation

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The Backyard Homestead Guide to Energy Self-Sufficiency by Paul Scheckel
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