The European Public Sphere and the Media: Europe in Crisis by Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruth Wodak, Michal Krzyzanowski

By Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruth Wodak, Michal Krzyzanowski

This ebook contributes to the theoretical and coverage debate at the lifestyles of a eu public sphere. It provides a severe dialogue of the hyperlinks among media, background and politics in Europe this present day, examining the re-organization of ideological and political dimensions and debates the lifestyles of a ecu editorial tradition.

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Coming to terms with the past (Vergangenheitsbewältigung) Values are closely connected to discursive constructions of collective memories. Individuals have memories, but collectives have as many memories 24 The European Public Sphere and the Media as there are individuals. Therefore, collective memories are constructed rather than remembered in a shared way. Memories are narratives. For Germany, Jürgen Habermas, drawing on philosophical reflection by Karl Jaspers, Hannah Ahrendt and others, has argued that a new kind of identification and allegiance to a democratic Germany can emerge and has emerged through a confrontation with the dark sides of the past.

Thus, when trying to study the construction of historical narratives and crisis, we need to take the structures of the fields of politics and media and their interdependencies and links to each other into account. These links may be dominated by power structures in specific political systems, and/or through economic means, audience orientation, and so forth. According to Bourdieu, what is at stake in the journalistic field is ‘scoops’ – news that promises to attract the readers’/spectators’ attention – and to set agendas hence generating public consecration power for a certain media outlet.

And on the political field. e. the struggle for hegemony in presenting narratives of the past in the case of crises in the media. The connection between discursive power and political action-oriented power has in many respects been lost in the globalization and governance rhetoric which for a few decades has propagated an image of history not as man-made but as an unfolding progressive teleological natural force marching towards a predetermined goal if man (‘the state’) does not intervene (Schulz-Forberg and Stråth, forthcoming; Wodak, 2000, 2006b).

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The European Public Sphere and the Media: Europe in Crisis by Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruth Wodak, Michal Krzyzanowski
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