The European Universities 1975–1985 by T. Carnacini (Auth.)

By T. Carnacini (Auth.)

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A world-wide scale of planning is necessary. Migration in the field of the academic professions is increasing. A mutual acknowledgement and comparison of degrees and diplomas needs to be achieved. 4. Too many of those who have had a higher education from countries in the "Third World" do not serve in their home countries where they are most needed but become immigrants to western countries. 5. " Special institutions can become "satellites" of the university, but the university has to keep to the kind of teaching which is appropriate for it.

On the one hand our discussion proved that there is a general concern in society for a wider sharing of knowledge. There are certain opportunities "in the public market" which the universities should consider. This response to public interest by means of mass-media information is most necessary. But on the other hand we have been reminded of the necessary limitations of this process. The universities should not allow themselves to be misused by any particular interest. An example given was the attempt — in some cases the 43 successful attempt — by some students to use the universities for a political concept of social revolution and for changing the social structure.

Our Chairman said we had been impressed with the amount of detailed planning that was done and asked the Minister if he would look into the future and describe Soviet Higher Education as it would be in twenty-five years' time. The Minister, who was something of an actor, looked downcast and said, "No, this is not possible". " Then he proceeded to give us a brilliant survey from literature and linguistics to the technologies of what those plans were. He talked in terms of the subjects and their potentialities as well as national needs.

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The European Universities 1975–1985 by T. Carnacini (Auth.)
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