The Life and Revelations of Pema Lingpa by Pema Lingpa, Sarah Harding

By Pema Lingpa, Sarah Harding

Pema Lingpa's existence tale rounds outs a fantastically discovered and translated masterpiece of the Tibetan Buddhist culture.

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72 The Karmapa remained silent. However, in the days that followed, Chödrak Gyatso requested initiation into the full cycle of Pema Lingpa’s treasures and later suggested that they travel together to Lhasa. 73 Much has been made of this exchange: what did the Karmapa’s silence mean? For our purposes, it is enough to note that Pema Lingpa gained wide renown during his own lifetime such that Chödrak Gyatso invited him to 22 ሒ The Life and Revelations of Pema Lingpa meet together and later received initiation into his treasure cycles.

Ganteng Tulku tells the story of his own predecessor, the body emanation: The mother of Pema Trinle, the first Gangteng Tulku, was the wife of Pema Lingpa’s son, Tukse Dawa. While she was pregnant, Tukse Dawa—because he was old and about to die—entrusted her care to Tendzin Drakpa. Tukse Dawa knew that his wife was pregnant, and the child was born just before he died. But Tendzin Drakpa did not know [and raised the child as his own]. So that is why it is said that Pema Trinle is the son of both Tukse Dawa and Tendzin Drakpa.

Even playing around in his youth, he would sit on a throne and act as if he were giving empowerments and instructions, sing incantations, perform sacred dances, gather together a following, enter into meditative absorption, and generally engage in activities beyond the scope of most children. At those times, his hands and feet would leave many imprints in hard stone as if it were mud. These can now be seen by everyone. He never listened to the advice of his mother or father or anyone else, but rather practiced the tantric deportment of immediately acting on whatever occurred to him.

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The Life and Revelations of Pema Lingpa by Pema Lingpa, Sarah Harding
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