The Lost Relic. by Scott Mariani (Ben Hope 6) by Scott Mariani

By Scott Mariani

A few secrets and techniques should still remain buried! an internet of deceit -- and Ben desire is stuck within the mayhem...Whilst vacationing a former SAS comrade in Italy, a distracted Ben approximately runs over a tender boy -- and unwittingly walks into his deadliest project but. Ben's involvement with the boy's kin runs deeper as he witnesses their brutal homicide at a gallery theft. A possible valueless Goya caricature used to be the relevant goal within the massacre heist. Now it is as much as Ben to determine the reality at the back of the elusive portray. Wrongly accused of homicide and compelled to move at the run, he needs to get to the guts of the conspiracy whereas he nonetheless has the chance...

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At the place where I live in France, I run a business,’ Ben explained. ‘We’re out in the countryside; not so different from this place in a lot of ways. But we don’t make pesto sauce. ’ Boonzie didn’t need Ben to spell out that K and R stood for kidnap and ransom. Ben went on talking, and Boonzie listened carefully. In the seven years since Ben had quit the army, locating and extracting victims of kidnapping, often children, had become his speciality. He’d called himself a Crisis Response Consultant – a deliberately vague euphemism for someone who went out and solved problems that lay way beyond the reach of normal law enforcement agencies.

All three passcode holders will be present. Your team will be waiting as they leave, and follow them home. , you’ll snatch them simultaneously from their homes, bring them back to the gallery and make them enter the codes. ’ ‘Right. ’ Maisky had been waiting for the first sign that the hotheaded young punk was going to handle this in his usual reckless way. Here we go, he thought. ‘It’s not that simple,’ he said. ‘Because the only time the owners might have to override the alarm system would be an emergency situation such as a fire, earthquake or other potential threat to the valuable contents of the gallery, the system’s designers built in a function that will send an automatic alert to the police should the override codes be entered.

Ben shook his head. ’ Boonzie and Mirella waved as Ben climbed into the Shogun. He waved back, took a last glance at the tranquil haven they’d made their home and then drove off down the bumpy track towards the road. Chapter Six Ben headed roughly south-southwest with the rising sun behind him, aiming more or less in the direction of Naples with the intention of veering slowly towards Italy’s west coast. From there, he’d follow the coastal road through a hundred seaside towns and villages until eventually he reached Rome.

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The Lost Relic. by Scott Mariani (Ben Hope 6) by Scott Mariani
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