The Psychological Effects of Police Work: A Psychodynamic by Philip Bonifacio

By Philip Bonifacio

SOME DISCLAIMERS it's slightly strange to start a e-book through stating what it isn't, however the subject of police habit is so advanced that it calls for the author to kingdom as early as attainable the boundaries of what he has written the following to explain and clarify a police officer's adventure. to ensure that the reader to get a transparent concept of what components of police habit are to be defined, it really is nec­ essary to delineate these features of police habit which are past the scope of this ebook. firstly, this ebook is set the mental results of police paintings on policemen: male law enforcement officials. the majority of the law enforcement officials with whom i've got labored were males, so my impressions and reviews are in line with the reviews of male law enforcement officials. for that reason, descriptions and expla­ countries of the motivations, anxieties, mental defenses, and resultant habit of cops has to be constrained to policemen. i think that there are major modifications within the mental results of police paintings on women and men, yet this publication doesn't tackle this issue.

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241). Arcuri's study of police officers' assessment of television cop shows indicated that police felt these shows caused the public to expect too much from police officers. I believe this opinion puts the cart before the horse. These unrealistic expectations have existed in the viewers' unconscious since childhood. Television cop shows did not create them. The appeal of these shows is that they allow us to consciously see what we unconsciously want to believe: good cops are omnipotent, loving parents who protect us because we are good.

After a few minutes he recovered and put on his uniform. An officer observed him crying and reported it to the sergeant. The sergeant asked Officer Y. if he was all right. Officer Y. described what had happened the previous day, said he was depressed, but that he wanted to go on patrol rather than go home to an empty house. to undergo a departmental psychiatric ex- Why Everybody Loves and Hates Cops 41 amination. 's depression was appropriate given his circumstances and that he should return to duty.

The third characteristic of the ego ideal is that it contains identifications from the individual's later experiences. In addition to positive parental images, the ego ideal also contains positive images of one's peer group. Consequently, the person's reference group also sets standards to be met through his or her internalizing positive images of peers. For the police officer, the peer group is a principal source of perfectionistic An Overview of the Psychodynamic Approach 13 ideals to be achieved in order to receive its love and respect.

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The Psychological Effects of Police Work: A Psychodynamic by Philip Bonifacio
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