The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book: A Guide for Programmers by Art Baker

By Art Baker

The ideas of this booklet are nonetheless important for
Vista and XP.

It additionally explains the basics well.

I learn more recent books first, and so they have been too confusing.

Oney's ebook offers an excessive amount of info, and jumps from
topic to topic.

Orwick's publication is simply too excessive point, and never adequate detail.

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Access Functions for an Interrupt Object Interrupt Object Access Functions Function HalGetInterruptVector IoConnectInterrupt KeSynchronizeExecution IoDisconnectInterrupt Description Converts bus-relative interrupt vector to systemwide value Associates Interrupt Service routine with an interrupt vector Synchronizes driver routines that run at different IRQLs Removes interrupt object Called by... DriverEntry DriverEntry or AddDevice (Various) Unload or RemoveDevice Manipulating Interrupt Objects Several system components export functions that work with interrupt objects.

The driver can then be tested with a simple Win32 program that calls CreateFile and CloseHandle. 5. Add code that finds and allocates the driver's hardware, as well as code to deallocate the hardware when the driver unloads. If the hardware supports Plug and Play detection, this step tests the hardware and the driver's ability to automatically load. 6. This document is created with the unregistered version of CHM2PDF Pilot < BACK NEXT > [oR] Coding Conventions and Techniques Writing a trusted kernel-mode component is not the same as writing an application program.

Each separate I/O transaction is described by a work order that tells the driver what to do and tracks the progress of the request through the I/O subsystem. These work orders take the form of a data structure called an I/O Request Packet (IRP), and this section describes their use and purpose. 1. With each user-mode request for I/O, the I/O Manager allocates an IRP from nonpaged system memory. Based on the file handle and I/O function requested by the user, the I/O Manager passes the IRP to the appropriate driver dispatch routine.

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The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book: A Guide for Programmers by Art Baker
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