Ways of Thinking: The Limits of Rational Thought and by Mero Laszlo

By Mero Laszlo

This ebook is going correct into the the motives and purposes of the range of how of considering. it truly is in regards to the tips of the way our pondering works and in regards to the efforts and screw ups of synthetic intelligence. It discusses what can and can't be anticipated of clever' desktops, and offers an perception into the deeper layers of the mechanism of our thinking.-An relaxing piece of interpreting, this thought-provoking publication is additionally a thrilling psychological experience for people with very little laptop competence in any respect.

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Russian translation, put back into English The vodka is good but the meat is rotten. Blind idiot. ". " Though jokes are not to be explained, it is worth pondering over why the computer's way of thinking does not notice that the first "Yes" reply is silly. Well, today it is almost certain t h a t either the USSR or the USA will send the first man to Mars. Yes, who else would send man there? The answer is not silly, it is correct. How on earth should this poor computer know that this was not the question it was asked?

But this problem is formally very similar to the previous one with the letters and numbers, which proved to be so unexpectedly difficult! It is not only very similar, but its structure is exactly the same: if sums above $30 meant consonants and those under $30 were vowels, while the presence of the signature stood for an even number, and its absence for an odd number, then the two problems would turn into each other. In this case the two problems are called logically isomorphous. Once we accept modus ponens and modus tollens as correct syllogisms and solve one of the problems with their aid, then we have already solved the other problem as well.

To be more precise: only some of the problems have puzzle characters, otherwise we would think of the solution immediately and they would not prove to be good puzzles. But even if only one thousandth of the problems proved to be good puzzles we would already find the experience gained through puzzle solving useful. The case with the repairer of clocks is well-known: he repaired an expensive Swiss watch by a slight hit with a small hammer, then charged $100 for it. When the customer found the price too high the specialist gave an account of the fee: he asked $1 for the hit, and $99 for knowing where to hit.

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Ways of Thinking: The Limits of Rational Thought and by Mero Laszlo
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